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2020/09/28 <終了>【外国人ボランティア募集】11/23開催・HIC世界 ...



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【日時】2020年11月23日(祝)9:30~16:30 ※お昼休憩などの休憩もあります。

【場所】ひろしま国際センター(広島市中区中町8-18 クリスタルプラザ6F)

【謝金】 4000円(半日の場合は2000円)

【交通費】 往復の交通費をお支払いします

【その他】 当日確実に来られる方

【申込み】こちらから→ http://ur2.link/HWfz











☎082-541-3777 ✉hic17@hiroshima-ic.or.jp 担当:きたかど


チラシダウンロード 📒

Recruiting foreign volunteers for the HIC World Culture Day on November 23rd!


On November 23rd (Holiday) we will be hosting HIC World Culture Day, an event to experience different cultures and engage in international exchange!

Introduce and speak to locals about your home country!

If you have any ideas on workshops/games for children, or any songs, dances or instruments you would like to perform/showcase, please let us know!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


*Date/Time: November 23rd, 2020 (Holiday) 9:30~16:30

There will breaks such as lunchtime

*Location: Hiroshima International Center (Hiroshima City, Naka-ku, Naka-machi, 8-18, Crystal Plaza 8F)

*Compensation: 4000 yen (For half-day, 2000 yen)

*Travel expenses: We will pay for your transportation roundtrip

*Other: For those who are sure they can participate

*Apply: http://ur2.link/HWfz

*Deadline: 10/30 (Fri)

*Examples of duties:

Talk to participants in your native language (For those of you with basic conversation skills in Japanese)

Mongolian paper cutout art workshop

Making Mexican Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) masks

Introducing and sampling of Chinese tea

Loteria (Mexican game)

Vocal, dance and musical performances

*Contact information: Hiroshima International Center (HIC)

☎082-541-3777 ✉hic17@hiroshima-ic.or.jp  Supervisor: Kitakado Noriko








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